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EnergyGuard 500 Heat Retention Cover with GeoBubble technology 212 x 212 cm

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NEW Energyguard 500 Heat Retention Covers with GeoBubble technology- 212 cm X 212 cm

What does it do?

No matter how good your hard cover is, its ability as far as energy savings are concerned are limited to heat loss by RADIATION, which of course is extremely important. But every hot tub has a gap between the water surface and the underside of the hard cover. Hot tubs are kept at high temperatures and steam is constantly being produced by EVAPORATION (which you are paying for) - then to make matters worse the evaporated steam CONDENSES on the underside of the hard cover and drips back into the water as much COLDER WATER - (which you then pay to re-heat). You have almost certainly noticed the water running off the underside of your hard cover as you open it. This process is going on all the time that your hard cover is on, which is most of the time!

Suitable for Hot tubs & Spas this remarkable product has shown some incredible results in testing. The perfect partner for your hard-cover.

Energyguard 500 Contains UV stabilisers & Chemical Resistant pigments making it durable in all conditions.

Significantly reduce water evaporation * Reduce Chemical Usage * Lower Energy Consumption by (up to) 50%

In conjunction with the option of DOUBLE ENCAPSULATED CORE it also helps to extend the life of hot tub hard-covers by significantly reducing the chemically charged steam condensing on the underside**

NOTE: This is NOT a replacement/alternative to a HARD-COVER - it does not prevent heat loss by radiation (like a hard cover does) or prevent access to the tub for safety of children or animals, neither will it stop rainwater etc. A rigid cover would still be required.

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