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Hot Tub Cover Care by Covers For Tubs


A spa cover is designed for three prime purposes.

  • to insulate the most vulnerable source of heat loss, heat rising
  • to stop leaves and other debris from entering the water
  • as a deterrent for small children and animals endangering themselves by entering the water

Spa covers are not designed to be stood upon, crawled across, used as climbing frames, assault courses, places to stand on to change exterior light bulbs, clean out guttering etc. When removed from the spa they should not be used as a teenagers sun lounger or bed on the lawn, dog beds etc. They are not designed to be propped up against a wall, blown over by a 50mph wind landing on the plant pots or the BBQ. The truth is that they are often used for purposes that they are not designed for!

All hot tub cover guarantees will have a fair number of exclusions because of the nature of the product. The types of scenario listed above are in fact common reasons why spa covers become damaged, but they are not items covered by a guarantee; they may however be covered by an insurance policy - with a policy that includes garden all risks.

Hot tub spa covers are working in a hostile environment at the best of times; they usually spend their entire lives 'sandwiched' by the weather on the outside and a 'chemical stew' on the inside producing chemically charged steam that attacks the underside of the cover. They are constantly removed and replaced and often with little care! It's not much of a life for a hot tub spa cover...

Of course, you can help your Spa Cover to have a better, longer life - for example:

  • Fit a cover lifter - hot tub covers have an 80% better chance of surviving 5 years + with a cover lifter than without.
  • Use a floating EnergyGuard cover beneath the hard cover - this saves more energy by virtually eliminating the loss of energy by evaporation and helps protect the underside of the hard cover from the chemically charged steam.
  • Always remove your hot tub spa cover completely when you add chemicals - particularly 'Shock' or 'Oxidising' chemicals. Leave the cover fully open for 30 minutes. This is another good reason to use a cover lifter.
  • In climates which are very sunny - use a quality product like 303 Cleaner & Protector on your hot tub cover regularly. Not only will it look its best, but 303 adds UV protection. This is important because the original UV protection on Marine Vinyls - does not last forever!
  • Give it a treat, hose down (don't jet wash) the underside of the spa cover once a month.
  • Handles and securing straps on covers are designed for 'positioning' and 'securing' respectively. They should not be used for carrying the weight of the cover.
  • Always secure the locks when the cover is in place & always unlock them before trying to open/remove the hot tub cover.
  • Never drag the cover or scrape it against the floor, walls etc.

Important sensible precautions:

  • To avoid potential ENTRAPMENT always remove a hot tub spa cover entirely when bathing. Do not just fold back half-way.
  • An IMPROPERLEY SECURED hot tub cover is a HAZARD. Do not for example stand the hot tub cover on the edge of the tub leaning against a wall - it may fall.
  • Replace MISSING or DAMAGED LOCKS immediately. Always lock the cover when unattended.
  • Do NOT stand, sit or crawl on the hot tub cover. IT IS NOT DESIGNED TO SUPPORT WEIGHT!
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