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AQ2 Undermount Cover Lifter

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  • Undermount Cover Lifter
  • Made of black powder-coated aluminium - anti-corrosive.
  • Fits spas up to 8’
  • Requires 15”-18” clearance at the rear
  • Foot assist eliminates the need for expensive shocks
  • Mounts under the spa. (So the spa cannot be sunken into the ground/decking)
  • Foam grip handles on lifter bar


Technical Details:
  • Type of Lift Assisted Lift: Pivot / Foot Assist
  • Cabinet Shape Limitations: No round, hexagonal, *octagonal spas - (if in doubt ask).
  • Mounts under the spa
  • Max Cover Width: 96”
  • NOT suitable for Sunken or Inground Spas
  • Clearance Requirements: 15” / 18" behind, 6” / 152 mm side.

Cut corner cabinets (as pictured) are OK

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